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Wish You Well Youth Faith Foundation Inc.

Program Services & Pricing

The organization 

Many youth/adults benefit from relationships with a mentor, whether an informal

mentor in their family or neighborhood or

a formal mentor who volunteers through a community-based program or works as a paid professional mentor. we can help link youth/adults to effective mentors who:

• Focus on meeting the needs of youth/adults

• Are flexible, supportive, reassuring, and kind

• Allow time to build trust

• Encourage youth/adults to select mutually enjoyable activities

• Provide help in a non-judgmental way

• problem-solving

• We avoid criticizing and lecturing 

The most helpful mentoring relationships

are close and of long duration, with frequent contact. Mentoring may be more beneficial

to youth/adults of all ages. Mentoring relationships may develop in young adulthood & adults of all ages, with new connections in employment or education setting. Think about your community connections and encourage youth/adults to seek mentorship from other youth/adults, they feel comfortable with. If they wish, offer to accompany them or offer to practice the skills of reaching out to a potential mentor.

Programs offered Business Skills, Art, Automative, Jewelry Making, Refurbishing Clothing, Refurbishing Decks, Interior Design, Painting Interior/Exterior & Pressure-Washing etc.

Virtual or Face-2-Face

Programs 6-8week programs

Registration per-year for 6-8wk programs $75

Cost for the programs:

(6)wks. $210

(8)wks. $375