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Wish You Well Youth Faith Foundation Inc.

Introducing Our Partners


Board Members

James Causey Excutive Assisstant COO

Chief Operating Officer

US Marine sharpshooter




Oakland Community College



Market Director

Central Michigan MSA Graduate Alumni

Sharmon Causey


MSA Alumni Graduate

Central Michigan University


Tashana Woods

Youth Services

Michigan University Alumni

R.W. JR.

Automotive Mechanic Trainer

Human Services

Service providers have important roles in strengthening the support families provide to their youth and young adult children by:

 Providing information and teaching families how to recognize and understand mental health difficulties,

•Assisting families to find a balance

between protecting youth and letting them make and learn from mistakes,

Encouraging families to provide needed supports for young people, and

Facilitating access to resources and family- to-family support.

The Organization offer many service for the whole family.

Prayer and spirituality may be needed to cope with issues, strategies that can sustain some people with mental health challenges through adversity and toward recovery. 


Cases referred to juvenile court are first screened by an intake department (either within or outside the court). The intake department may decide to dismiss the case for lack of legal sufficiency or to resolve the matter formally (petitioned) or informally (non-petitioned).

17 In 2013, 55% of delinquency cases were petitioned while 45% were handled informally. 18 56% of petitioned cases in 2013 resulted in an adjudication of delinquency; 64% of these resulted in probation, and 24% resulted in placement in a residential facility.

19 Among the non-petitioned cases, 40% were dismissed by the court. 23% of the cases informally handled resulted in voluntary probation and 37% resulted in other dispositions. 20 Adjudication:" (CFYI)"

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